[About Aurelius]
About Aurelius

Aurelius Corporate Solutions prides itself on being an independent international events and business solution provider for over a decade now with predominantly academic and corporate client base of 1000 plus corporate customer world wide most of them being fortune 500 companies and MNC’s. 

Aurelius has presence in Europe, Asia and South America wherein it provides high end insourcing solutions and provides services like global master classes, international conferences, trade shows, training classes & business solutions, in around 30 countries. The main objective of Aurelius Corporate Solutions is to commune science, technology & research between academic worlds, scientific practices, pharmaceutical industry, IT & business industries. Aurelius Corporate Solutions also work in the field of Insourcing consultancy solutions.

Aurelius has enabled more than 75 K professionals across the globe, where people share their vision and make their passion growth into new opportunities for networking, connect, collaborate & increase business probabilities and discover possibilities.

All major Aurelius conferences are recognized with Continued Professional Education (CPD) & Continued Medical Education (CME) credits.

Aurelius Conferences provide a platform where researchers, professionals, leaders entrepreneurs, innovators, investors meet to discuss current issues, opportunities and create new platform every day.